Föl 2024

Här kan ni se våra föl födda  i år​

I år har vi två hingstar hos oss.

Sauveur och Flocki d’Aurci


Vi tar emot ston för färsk, transport och fryst sperma.​

Här kan ni se våra hästar till salu

Olga Sajecka

Ansvarig veterinär på Översta Gård sedan 2021.

“Following my passion for equine reproduction i joined Översta Gård team in 2021.

I’m also a university lecturer at Veterinary Faculty at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, where I’m responsible for the mares gynaecology course. I’m also specialising in equine reproduction as an European College of Animal Reproduction Resident. I’m particularly interested in embryology and physiology of reproduction. 

Interest in this field made me travel around Europe as a student and veterinarian to learn from world class specialists from: Universidad de Cordoba, Reproduction Department of Neustadt Glewe Pferdehaltung Paul Schockemohle, Royal Veterinary College in London, University of Veterinary Medicine in Hannover and others. Today, I actively keep extending my knowledge and skills.

Privately, aspirational florist and amatour pizza critic. Enjoys travelling, hiking, and dancing; has dabbled in competitive swimming.” – Olga